Make Sure Your Residents are Counted

Posted By: Jon Lowder Blog,

The US Census Bureau is in the midst of doing the 2020 census, as required by the Constitution, and due to COVID-19 this has been a particularly challenging year to get the count done. Renters are historically under-counted, so the National Apartment Association and its affiliates, including PTAA, are doing everything we can to help get as many residents counted as possible. 

This is critically important for our community since federal funding and legislative allocations are determined based on the Census results. To put it succinctly, not being counted is like raising taxes on yourself – the less federal funding we receive, the more comes out of our state and local budgets. 

US Census interviewers, called enumerators, are now out and about and will be in the community until September 30. They work seven days a week and will almost certainly show up more than once. If they can’t make contact with residents the first time and the residents don’t participate on their own, then interviewers will return to try and make contact again.

Below is the Census info sheet for multi-unit managers. This is the sheet that explains the information the Census bureau interviewers need from property managers and what they will be asking of residents. Property managers are also encouraged to share Census information with residents. Here is a link for a flyer and a link for a poster.

Thank you for helping make sure that all residents are counted!