5 Biggest Property Management Challenges on the Horizon

Posted By: Jon Lowder Blog,

The June, 2021 issue of Units Magazine has an article that outlines the five biggest challenges that property managers face as we begin the emerge from the COVID economy:

  1. Filling Open Roles
    "For many managers, the top challenge coming out of the pandemic is filling open onsite roles, particularly hourly positions."
  2. Compensation Challenges
    "Two years ago, he says a maintenance technician in Atlanta or the Carolinas could earn $17 or $18 an hour. That has increased to $21 or $22 per hour."
  3. Refilling the Talent Pipeline
    "There are other ways to fill the talent pipeline if raising pay is difficult."
  4. Back to the Office
    "Companies across the economy are weighing when to bring workers back. Apartment companies are facing similar decisions, especially with corporate staff."
  5. Eviction Moratorium Concerns
    "Management executives also need to be concerned about morale, as if filling open spots isn’t hard enough."

It's a good article, and addresses some challenges that many companies are already facing. You can read the entire article here.