Application Period for HOPE Ending Friday December 17

Posted By: Stephanie Beeman Blog,

The application period for the HOPE program will close at 5pm on Friday, December 17, 2021 with available federal funding committed to applications currently in process and those expected in the week ahead. Renters experiencing financial hardship in the counties served by HOPE are encouraged to apply by this Friday. HOPE applications already under review and new applications submitted by the deadline will be processed, with awards to be paid on behalf of eligible applicants.

Landlords whose tenants are struggling to pay rent due to the pandemic can also submit names and contact information using the HOPE Program website or by contacting the HOPE call center at  888-9ASK-HOPE (888-927-5467). 

Per yesterday's press release, the application period is closing sooner than expected due to a substantial increase in applications since the Thanksgiving holiday. The earlier time frame is expected to ensure eligible applicants who apply by the deadline will get the help they need.

The closing of the application period does not impact federally funded local rent and utility assistance programs.