Bracing for Omicron

Posted By: Stephanie Beeman Blog,

Before we get to truly experience the new new normal, now another variant is looming. While investors and the travel industry are already reacting to the emergence of the new Omicron variant, health organizations remind us that it's still too early to predict the virus' transmissability or severity, or current vaccine effectiveness. That means it's also too soon to tell what effect it may have on employers and the workplace.

However, experts agree that it's never too early to make a proactive plan for navigating any issues that may arise with Omicron. A recent article in the Triad Business Journal outlined four tips shared by experts:

1) Be prepared to evolve: keep in mind this is not the first and likely won't be the last variant. When it comes to meetings, conventions, and other signs of normalcy, be focused on staying flexible rather than on rigid timelines.

2) Keep communication channels open: make it clear to employees that their safety is important, and open lines of communication such as surveys to gauge their comfort level and obtain feedback about safety in the workplace.

3) Avoid making employees uncomfortable: A number of recent surveys suggest that employers should hesitate to press employees into returning to an in-office setting if they are uncomfortable.

4) Become familiar with OSHA guidance: Although the mandate-or-testing rule remains blocked by the courts, experts agree that employers should be prepared for the rule to take effect. They caution that the best practice is to follow existing OSHA recommendations for covid-19, and above all, encourage employees to stay home if they feel sick at all.

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