Changing the Paradigm of Staffing Ratios

Posted By: Brittney Nelson Blog,

We're so proud of our PTAA member Brittney Nelson for this piece examining a different model for staffing apartments, which was published in NAA's Units Magazine last month!

In her article, she suggests that the industry should be taking a hard look at the traditional ratio of one team member for every 100 units, which has been a standard for more than 20 years. Nelson points out that, although advances in technology have increased efficiency for onsite teams, other ongoing factors keep teams under the weight of heavy workloads. These factors include resident satisfaction as a high-priority key performance indicator (KPI) in employee performance, the complications of schedules in a post-pandemic workforce, and the implementation of PropTech.

We encourage you to take a few minutes and read the full article HERE.

Excellent work, Brittney!