Election 2020: Local Candidates PTAA is Endorsing

Posted By: Jon Lowder Blog,

I'm please to share the following announcement from PTAA's Government & Industry Affairs Committee, chaired by Kim Lyman of Got You Floored.

PTAA is proud to endorse the following candidates. We have chosen these candidates because of their efforts to help support the apartment industry, and our careers. We wanted to take this opportunity to share with you their names, and why we feel they and their platforms assist our industry. You can visit their campaign sites to learn more about them and how to support them.

State Representative

  • Representative Jon Hardister (R-Guilford)- Primary Sponsor H880 Landlord Tenant Changes, H796 Emotional Support Animals, H881 Private Process Servers. Rep. Hardister has been a proactive supporter of our industry issues for years as is apparent in the sponsorship of these bills. 
  • Representative Steve Ross (R-Alamance)- Primary Sponsor of H880 Landlord/Tenant Changes. Rep. Ross has also been supportive of the industry on our issues during his years in the legislature. 

Guilford County Commissioner

  • Guilford County Commissioner James Upchurch (D-District 5)- James is focused on growth and development and has shown he is interested in what we have to say and takes our opinions and viewpoints seriously. 
  • Guilford County Commissioner Carly Cook (D-District 6)- Carly is very pro-economic development. She and her husband also own a small real estate investing company, so they are more aware of what helps our industry, and can see things from our point of view. 
  • Guilford County Commissioner Alan Branson (R-District 4) – An incumbent candidate, he is open to economic development incentives at a time when our community is in need of aggressive economic development.

Guilford County Board of Education

  • Guilford County Board of Education Michelle Bardsley (R- District 5)- Currently a teacher in Wake County, and used to teach in Guilford County. Supportive of Facilities Master Plan, and wants to ensure all stakeholders are considered.  
  • Guilford County Board of Education Pat Tilman (R-District 3)- Was the board's lead on Career & Technical Education, has been a very effective member of the board during his service and works well with county staff. 
  • Guilford County Board of Education Dianne Bellamy-Small (D-District 1)- She is an incumbent candidate and has been a very effective member of the Board during her service there, works well with staff and is a strong supporter of the Facilities Master Plan.  https://votebellamysmall.com/

Note from Jon: You've likely notice that this is not a comprehensive list of candidates from every local race. That is because the Government & Industry Affairs committee focused on local races that are competitive and/or in which they had the opportunity to meet with the candidates.