Guilford County Primary Election Voters Guide

Posted By: Stephanie Beeman Blog,

The primaries for municipal elections in Guilford County are May 17, so please be sure to get out there and vote if you live in Guilford County. Over the last few weeks, representatives from PTAA have participated in interviews with candidates in every race, and the following recommendations are made based on the results of those interviews and past public service history of the candidates.

Greensboro City Council

Mayor—Nancy Vaughan 

At Large—Marikay Abuzuaiter, Yvonne Johnson, Hugh Holston 

District 1— Felton Foushee

District 2—Goldie Wells

District 3— Zack Matheny

District 4—Nancy Hoffman

District 5—Tammi Thurm



Guilford County Board of Commissioners

At Large—     Kay Cashion- D

District 2—    Alan Perdue-R (incumbent)

District 3—    Derek Mobley-D

District 7—    Frankie T Jones-D