Hiring in the Apartment Industry: Near Crisis Level

Posted By: Stephanie Beeman Blog,

A recent survey by Knock.com of 700 multifamily professionals shows workforce headcount has risen to #2 on owner/operators' lists of concerns. At this time, only "renter experience" is further at the top of minds.

Here are the top takeaways of identified concerns - and potential solutions:

  • The labor market shortage is impacting the ability to hire and retain leasing teams.
  • The confluence of challenges from Covid-19 has contributed to turnover rates.
  • No surprise to anyone: maintenance workers are "extremely difficult" to find, and onsite employees are "more stressed than ever."
  • AI technology is providing some breakthroughs in searching for candidates.
  • When great candidates are identified, employers need to move quickly.
  • Great communication is more valued than ever.

Read the full analysis from Knock.com HERE.