Improving Inclusion in the Multifamily Housing Industry

Posted By: Jon Lowder Blog ,

In a piece written for Units Magazine, North Carolina's own Chiccorra Connor addresses the importance of improving inclusion in the multifamily housing industry. The full piece is worth a read, but here's a great point she makes:

The thing about discrimination and lack of diversity and inclusion is that it doesn’t just hurt the people who are trying to enter the industry and advance, but it harms the industry as a whole. For example, it’s not uncommon for a less qualified individual to be chosen over someone who is far more suitable for the open position. But often, when this happens, those doing the hiring are blindly confident that they made the right decision.

These outcomes are on clear display whenever we put an organization’s hiring practices to the test. When given résumés with names, hiring managers encountering an ethnic name turned down the applicant, revealing an instant assumption that the applicant wasn’t competent. However, when these same hiring managers were given résumés without names and were forced to choose who to hire based solely on the qualifications within the document, a far greater variety of ethnicities were brought onboard—those doing the hiring even expressed excitement about these candidates despite not having seen them. Of those who had been previously turned down, 50 percent were now selected for hire.

Not only does this reveal professionals trained in résumé review and hiring practices still fall victim to inherent biases, it also indicates a re-evaluation of the adage, “Good help is hard to find.”

You can read her full article here.