In Memoriam: Holly Hill, Past-President of PTAA

Posted By: Jon Lowder Blog,

Holly Hill, who served as President of PTAA in 1996-97, passed away this past week. To honor her legacy several of her colleagues shared their fond memories of Holly.

Mary Gwyn, who served with Holly as volunteer leaders at both PTAA and AANC, wrote the following about Holly:

She was a really special person. She carried PTAA through a pretty big transition, as we went from a part time office person to one full time in the office.  Holly hired Kris Skipper who did a great job... Holly formerly worked for Taylor Realty (as did MANY back in the day), and then for Bell, and then at some point formed her own company managing condos...She also served on the AANC Board while President of PTAA, and advocated for an education conference! 

Ken Szymanski, who was the Executive Director of AANC from its founding in 1985 until his retirement a few years ago, wrote: 

Holly was a quintessential North Carolinian. A bit more brash than many...unafraid to be assertive to make her stance clear. A character who will be remembered and missed.

Kris Skipper, who as Mary Gwyn mentioned, was hired as PTAA's Executive Director at the time, said that the picture of Holly below is a true representation of Holly's personality. She was very fun as well as being a true professional. The person on the receiving end of those rabbit ears is her husband Bruce, who was a maintenance supervisor and at one time taught CPO and CFC courses for PTAA. 

On behalf of all the members of the PTAA community who all share in the benefits of Holly's legacy, we would like to express our condolences to all of Holly's family, loved ones, colleagues and friends.

From the PTAA archives: Holly with her husband Bruce