Leasing Whiplash! Operators Share Their Vision of the Future

Posted By: Stephanie Beeman Blog ,

Several mulitifamily operators, including Cindy Clare of Bell Partners, recently shared their insights with the NAtional Apartment Association about growth in the market and what leasing technology looks like post-pandemic.

From the article:

“You’re hearing a lot of noise about market rent increases and how much they’re going up,” says Cindy Clare, Chief Operating Officer for Bell Partners. “Keep in mind that some of that is a recovery from the drops from last year. But some of it is absolutely true market growth.”

Other takeaways from the article:

  • Occupancy hasn't surged everywhere, and may be inflated in some instances with a high number of people occupying units but not paying rent - this varies by location and asset level
  • Technology that was, in many case, already in the testing phase was expeditied when the pandemic hit, and leasing teams led the way in adopting the new technology.
  • Although the skills they need have changed, leasing agents will continue to play a vital role in a hybrid future

You can read the complet article HERE.