Local Colleges Are Hoping For Enrollment Recovery in 2022

Posted By: Stephanie Beeman Blog ,

Colleges and universities across the country took a big hit in enrollment in the wake of covid-19, fueled by finincial crisis, quarantines, and virtual learning.

A national report shows that enrollment in fall 2021 did not show a hoped-for recovery, with more than half of the academic institutions reporting a further decline in enrollment from 2020. 

However, colleges and universities in the Triad area did report increases in enrollment this fall. In particular, NC A&T and High Point University saw large spikes in enrollment, and Wake Forest and Elon Universities both returned to enrollment levels similar to before the pandemic. UNCG was an exception, not having quite returned to pre-pandemic levels this year.

Perhaps it's too early to tell if this recovery will sustain as the spring semester feels like a step backward into 2020 territory, but it is something for those involved with student housing, and multifamily in general, to watch.

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