Maintenance Supervisor - Wallburg

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The goal of a Maintenance supervisor is to preserve the property’s investment while providing for the safety and well being of its residents. Conscientious maintenance can mean the difference between success and failure of a community.


Demonstrate ability to understand financial goals, budgets and operate in accordance with Policies &
Procedures set forward.

Assure the quality and quantity of market ready apartments (communication with office team).
Key control including remotes for garages.
Ensure that all service requests are recorded and communicated appropriately (including Real Page
Maintenance module).

Chargeback charges to resident(s) due to damages/photos.
Document when necessary repairs were requested and completed
Provide constant vendor/contractor communications concerning scheduling, billing, vendor relations and certificate of insurance plus W-9 (all repairs requested over $500.00 must have three (3) quotes attached.
Inventory completed June and December each year (excluding personal tools).
Interior Maintenance Preventative Maintenance:

Filter changes including dehumidifier filters (60 to 90 days).
Check all smoke detectors upon turnover and when entering home for work order request or filter change. Change batteries annually.
Check all window locks/door locks.
Sprinkler heads for water stains contact Sunland as needed. Management is not certified to repair.
Plumbing leaks, toilets leaking inside tank or bowl to prevent high water bills for community and resident.
Resident reporting high water bills complete a bucket test, change fluid master and flapper immediately. Submeters in resident’s home may require new battery. When all the above has been completed then we contact Velocity for a service request.
Outside HVAC unit clean around unit and check insulation annually.
Report any housekeeping issues to office.
Exterior Maintenance Preventative Maintenance:

Communication with landscaping company.
Pool maintenance including daily log sheets.
Fire extinguisher inspection (annual).
Fire alarm, sprinkler system and backflow inspections (annual).
Fire alarm phone (each building).
Roofing, gutters, shutters, window, doors, garages (keypads, batteries and doors), breezeway stairs, railings (including patios/balconies), concrete, asphalt inspection (quarterly).
Retention pond inspections, vault and lift station, follow up on report immediately.
Fence inspection for damages (including pool area, playground), repairs etc.
Pressure washing buildings and common areas.
Lead emergency team for community when needed. Ensure proper response and handling of all community emergencies with team, residents, buildings etc. with company guidelines to minimize liabilities (i.e., criminal activity on community, employee/resident injuries, fire, flood, freezes, mold & mildew, etc.)
Ensure distribution of all company or community issued notices (i.e., weather, ice, emergencies, etc.).

Community Logbooks:

Key chart
Mold and Mildew
Monthly inspection of exit lights and fire extinguishers
Appliance serial numbers

Additional Requirements:

Maintenance shop must be organized and ready for inspection at any time (code posted in key box at office).
Golf cart maintenance (weekly).
Attendance is an imperative job function.
Employees must fulfill the performance standards of this position and comply with policies, rules and procedures of Keystone, including those set out in in the Employee Handbook or otherwise communicated (verbally or writing) to employees.

Prerequisites For Success:

Knowledge of Fair Housing regulations.
Ability to communicate efficiently with residents, prospective residents, and team.
HVAC certification, certified pool operator, electrical and plumbing knowledge.
Organizational skills, detailed record keeping and clean work area.
In order to achieve success, our Keystone Management Team must embrace certain principles and values.

Applicants should send a resume to