Multifamily Recycling Grant Available

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NC Department of Environmental Quality (NC DEQ)

Multifamily Recycling Grant – Program Summary


Grant Parameters: NC DEQ plans to offer grants through the Multifamily Recycling Grant Program for the duration of funding availability.  The intent of this grant program is to fund projects that help build lasting capacity to recycle traditional household materials (paper, cardboard, metal cans, glass and plastic bottles and containers) from multifamily residences.


The Multifamily Recycling Grant Program will support projects that create new access and/or new recovered tonnage from multifamily residences.  Grant funds may be used to purchase typical equipment needs to start or expand multifamily recycling such as carts, dumpsters, collection vehicles, concrete pads, recycling corrals, site development, and education.  


Eligible grant applicants include recycling businesses or non-profits, local governments, multifamily property owners, or multifamily property management companies. An education component to the project is required which includes labeling, clear signage, and education materials.


NC DEQ offers readymade designs for educational materials as part of Recycle Right NC outreach suite.  Any design template can be customized for a grantee.  Graphic design services are offered at no cost, but printing and distribution is the responsibility of the grantee.  Grant funds can be requested to help cover the cost of printing and distribution.


Funding and match requirements: The minimum amount of grant funding available per Multifamily Recycling Grant project is $25,000.  The maximum amount of grant funding available per Multifamily Recycling Grant project is $250,000.


Recycling businesses, non-profits, property owners, and property manager grant winners must provide a cash match equal to or exceeding 25 percent of the requested grant funding.  For example, a grantee requesting a $100,000 grant must match at least $25,000 with private funds for a total project cost of $125,000. Local government grant winners must provide a cash match equal to or exceeding 10 percent of the requested grant funding.


Application deadline: Proposals will be received by NC DEQ on a rolling basis, there is no due date.

Grant project Period: Successful grant applicants will be required to enter into a grant contract with DEQ. The resultant grant contract period is one year.  Grantees must expend funds within the contract period unless the grant contract end date is extended by written agreement between the applicant and the DEQ.  Extensions are possible but not guaranteed.  All purchases associated with grant funds must be made within the grant contract period.  Any purchases made prior to the start of the grant contract or after the end date of the grant contract will not be eligible for reimbursement.


Download the full request for proposals and application here.

If you have questions about the grant program, please contact Tara Nattress at (919) 707-8123 or