NAA Legislative Roundup

Posted By: Stephanie Beeman Blog,

A few things of interest to our members came up during a legislative/regulatory call with NAA this week - here are some details we'd like to share with you:

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Fannie Mae is running a 12 month pilot program for Housing Choice Vouchers in Texas and North Carolina called the Expanded Housing Choice Initiative (EHC). To be eligible, properties must:

  • Be located in NC or TX
  • Not already require HCV acceptance as a condition of financing (e.g. Low-Income Housing Tax Credit properties).
  • Have at least 20% of units affordable at or below the applicable HUD Fair Market Rent or Small Area Fair Market Rent.

For full eligibility requirements, review the Expanded Housing Choice Eligibility Flowchart and Competitive Advantage.

Read more about it from NAA

NAA is asking for member feedback on HUD REAC inspections: 
NAA has been in contact with HUD regarding the resumption of REAC inspections after the pandemic. After an initial and productive meeting with HUD staff, they are currently drafting a letter which specifically outlines the ongoing challenges that our members are facing with the REAC inspections process, as well as suggests reasonable program updates that would improve inspection scores. These challenges and suggestions do not necessarily need to be related to the pandemic as NAA is trying to provide HUD with the broadest representation of the industry experience. To provide your feedback, please contact Ben Harold, Public Policy Manager at NAA: