New HOPE Program Landlord Tenant Agreements and FAQs

Posted By: Jon Lowder Blog ,

The North Carolina Office of Recovery and Resiliency has released a new, updated version of the HOPE Program Landlord Tenant Agreement (LTA). Here is a link to a sample of the new agreement.

One important thing to note: on the first page you'll note that by signing the agreement the landlord commits to not evict for nonpayment of rent for 60 days after signing the agreement. However, on the third page, Section C(2)a, it simply says that the landlord shall not "begin or pursue eviction proceedings" without clarifying that it is for nonpayment of rent. In meetings with the state, industry representatives were told that this was simply an oversight and that the intent is for nonpayment, but just be forewarned that it could be an issue and as always if you have questions we strongly recommend that you consult with your attorney.

The state also published an updated FAQ along with the new LTA and you can find it at this link.