Preparing Your Property for Hurricane Florence


It’s looking more certain that Hurricane Florence will be impacting the Triad area – our homes and the homes of our residents. You can find updated information on the predicted track of the hurricane HERE.

The National Apartment Association has provided many resources on their website for addressing emergencies and disasters. We have also gathered a few key tips for preparing from the website and listed them below.

Take Forecasts Seriously
Many use prior experience with hurricanes to judge whether or not to ride it out, but each storm is different. Pay close attention to the National Weather Service and local law enforcement.

Give residents an emergency preparation plan
Consider distributing a pamphlet with precautions to take, including information about food spoilage from power outages and clearing patios of furniture and projectiles.

Secure your community
Trim trees, lower the levels of swimming pools and turn the pumps off, open electronic access gates, stow pool furniture, umbrellas, or anything that can become a projectile in high wind.

Own a generator or gas-powered chainsaw
There can be no predicting how long it may take for power to return or for the city to respond to fallen trees and limbs.

Stockpile necessities
Have residents fill their bathtubs with water and stock up on batteries and flashlights. Remind residents of the danger of open flame or gas indoors.

Make sure you have your residents’ contact information
You’ll need to alert residents on the condition of the community. Also, consider posting updates on your website or social media.