Some Apartment Companies Reconsidering Facebook

Posted By: Jon Lowder Blog ,

An article in the December issue of Units Magazine shines a light on the challenges that apartment companies face in marketing their communities via Facebook and why some companies are quitting Facebook altogether:

The approach to apartment marketing on Facebook has evolved in the past year or two, and marketers are changing along with it. Some are quitting, some are adjusting to Messenger and others continue to see it as an effective channel.

Mike Whaling is President of 30 Lines, a firm specializing in online marketing.

“Those who are still posting to their pages using a strategy that looks at all similar to what they were doing in 2015-2016 could be seeing diminishing returns from their efforts at this point,” he says. “Those shying away from Facebook ads are doing so, in part, because of the ‘Why are you seeing this ad?’ targeting information consumers receive in their newsfeed,” he says.

“Even if a company is doing everything 100 percent by the book in their ad targeting, there’s still an opportunity for consumers to be shown information that can be perceived as targeting by specific ages and other protected classes,” Whaling says.

It’s something that has the potential for legal challenges.

In September, Housing Rights Initiative (HRI) and a class of potential renters filed a lawsuit against seven national or regional property management firms, alleging age discrimination in advertising in violation of local fair housing laws in the Washington, D.C., metro area. This case is the first fair housing complaint against rental housing owners and operators, challenging their advertising practices on Facebook.

You can read the full article here.