Team Communication in COVID-19 Era

Posted By: Jon Lowder Blog,

Apartment Dynamics' Mary Gwyn, a longtime PTAA member and a board member of the Apartment Association of North Carolina, was interviewed on Multifamily Matters (May 9) and she provided some great information about how to communicate with your team. The show is about an hour long and is worth every minute of your time to listen to it and you can do so at the Multifamily Matters site. Here are a few tips from the show:

  • Communication is two ways - it's as important to listen as it is to speak.
  • Utilize all forms of communication - video conferences, email, phone, social media and even snail mail.
  • Say it seven times so your team will remember.
  • Be transparent and honest.
  • Admit mistakes and apologize for them.

That's just a taste. You really should give it a listen, listen, listen, listen, listen, listen, listen. (I wrote listen seven times so you have no reason to forget!)