Three Assumptions That Might be Making it Harder to Hire

Posted By: Stephanie Beeman Blog,

Labor market conditions and hiring difficulties have been a dominant theme for employers lately. A recent article in Triad Business Journal suggests that recruiters have identified three mistakes businesses are making which could be making the situation harder.

First: the assumption that enhanced unemployment benefits are behind a smaller talent pool.
Many employers expected that conditions would improve when benefits ended, but instead are seeing hiring difficulties getting worse. This is partially because of the same trends that are fueling "The Great Resignation," and because of the continuing havoc wreaked by covid-19 concerns, such as school and day care closures.

Another misconception involves vaccine mandates, which many employers assume will make it difficult to attract talent if enforced. In fact, a recent poll conducted by the American Staffing Association found that 61% of employees would rather work for a company with a covid-19 mandate.

The third, and potentially biggest mistake? The assumption that this will all blow over soon. There is plenty of research to support the idea that the conditions driving resignation rates and recruiting challenges aren't going to be resolved any time soon. According to a recent survey, this is preventing up to 62% of employers from developing more creative hiring practices and making improvements to safety factors in the workplace - or, in a word we've all learned to emrace - pivoting. 

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