Tips for Reopening Your Fitness Center and Pool

Posted By: Jon Lowder Blog ,

As managers of apartment communities begin to confront the challenge of reopening amenities to their residents there are multiple issues they need to take into account. We thought it would be helpful to provide information on two of those: fitness centers and pools.


Josh Owen of ProSource Fitness was generous in providing us with the following guidance:

  • We recommend that you segment the fitness center into at least 36sqft blocks considering the guidelines of maintaining 6ft between people. However many people that allows for would be my maximum number allowed at a time. If you wanted to be more cautious you could do 64sqft squares. I would not allow people to use cardio machines next to each other. For most FCs that probably means keeping the center treadmill, at least (1) elliptical and (1) bike off limits.
  • Consider setting hours of operation to whatever office hours are and have a sign-up sheet and would only allow maybe 30-45 minutes per person. If you don’t set a limit there might be people who would spend an hour or more in the FC.
  • We recommend not allowing residents to use the soft goods. Typically users do not clean those items very well (if at all), and we just see those items as pieces that could easily be missed when cleaning.
  • If possible you should keep some standard cleaning bottles of diluted Simple Green (1 part SG & 3 parts water) out. This can be used on everything except for the decks of the treadmill, touchscreen consoles and the guide rods of strength pieces. We suggest this because it would increase the longevity of the Antibacterial wipes.  

Here are two videos we produced to give people some tips on fitness center maintenance and the cleaning of equipment.

Josh also shared an equipment cleaning poster that you can download here.


Roy Fielding, who has been a CPO instructor for PTAA for over a decade, shared a link to the Pool and Hot Tub Alliance's PRACTICE TIPS FOR
MAINTAINING AND OPENING PUBLIC POOLS AND HOT TUBS which could be a useful guide for opening your pools.