What Do Renters Want Under the Tree?

Posted By: Stephanie Beeman Blog,

Recent data from the Multifamily Housing Council and Grace Hill reveals some interesting things about renters. In a survey of more than 221,000 renters nationwide, a desire for flexibilty stood out, and the covid pandemic has a lot to do with that.

Over the last 18 months, 25% of the respondents had moved, citing the pandemic as an influence, and 70% are planning teleworking the same amount or more in the future.

Work-from-home situations have brought connectivity front and center, with 39% reporting video conferencing for work daily, and a majority indicating streaming video and music daily.

Other key trends coming from the report address the ways today's renters view workspace and sharing spaces. A third indicated an interest in using shared workspaces at their communities. And here's a trend alert: almost half (46%) would consider a rental housing membership program - members would move between communities within a network of properties under the same brand.

This gives us a lot to think about when looking ahead to our post-pandemic world. Read more about the report on Globe St.com