What do Toyota and Other Mega-Sites Mean for the Triad?

Posted By: Stephanie Beeman Blog,

Recently Triad Business Journal sat down with Stan Kelly, Ceo of Piedmont Triad Partnership about the momentum econominc developers are seeing come to fruition here in the Triad.

The "Carolina Core" - a stretch of four megasites from Davie County to Fayetteville - has been in the works for 6 years and continues to hold promise for the future. With the announcement of Toyota Motor Company's electric vehicle battery plant coming to the area, he expressed excitement about the prospects of spillover into other areas and a ripple effect into housing and other industries. 

In the article, Kelly observes, "You’ve got North Carolina beginning to converge more and more on the central part of the state. You have population growth in general, then you put an employment growth announcements on top of that, and that's going to yield new housing, new service economy, new apartments, new construction. I don't want to get ahead of ourselves, but we've got some pretty nice momentum right now, with all the ancillary services and all the jobs that go along with that, I think we'll see some nice numbers."

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