What Does Hiring Look Like in 2022?

Posted By: Stephanie Beeman Blog,

As the initial trends brought on by the covid pandemic are beginning to look more like a sea change, businesses are coming to recognize that pre-pandemic hiring practices need to be retired. In a recent article in the Triad Business Journal, experts suggest that the demographic shifts and evolving thinking about the nature of work will be long lasting and call for establishing a new normal in hiring practices. 

They present three different factors that will be influencing the hiring environment in 2022:

1. A big mistake: recruiters moving too slowly. Now many companies are using texts and social media to recruit and communicate, as well as using technology to streamline interview scheduling.

2. AI-based tech platforms are being utilized for candidate sourcing.

3. Candidates are looking for perks and benefits, such as permanent remote work and expanded paid leave, and employers are embracing these to attract new hires.

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