Winston-Salem Able to Require Affordable Housing on Lots it Sells/Gives to Developers

Posted By: Jon Lowder Blog,

The North Carolina legislature has passed a local law that gives the city of Winston-Salem the ability to convert city-owned lots into affordable housing. From the Winston-Salem Journal:

A new state law gives the city of Winston-Salem an option for converting up to 253 city-owned lots into affordable housing for low- and moderate-income residents.

The possibility became a reality Wednesday after the state legislature gave final approval to Senate Bill 145.

City Manager Lee Garrity has said the goal of the bill is to ensure cities can sell the lots on the condition that they are used for certain purposes, such as affordable housing...

City staff recommended 130 lots, along with another 123 that could be suitable under certain conditions.

Although most were in the central and downtown areas, some were in the northwest and southern parts of the city.

Only 10 of the 253 lots contain an acre or more, the largest made up of 15.28 acres off Reynolds Park Drive.